1978 Gauntlet Replay

1978 AL West Gauntlet (Best of 15)

#7 Seattle Mariners (56-104) vs #6 Oakland Athletics (69-93) Best of 15

Oakland wins the series 8 games to 2. Moves on to face #5 Chicago White Sox

#6 Oakland Athletics (69-93) vs #5 Chicago White Sox (71-90)

The A’s win again in a mild upset as they beat the White Sox 8 games to 4. Pitching depth for Oakland the difference. A’s move on to face the #4 Minnesota Twins.

#6 Oakland Athletics (69-93) vs #4 Minnesota Twins (73-89)

The A’s run is over as the Twins get on top early with great pitching from Goltz, Zahn, Marshall to dominate the series 8-2. Twins move up the gauntlet to face Texas.

#4 Minnesota Twins (73-89) vs #3 Texas Rangers (87-75)

Fergie Jenkins and John Matlack are dominate and the Texas sluggers come through late in games as they beat the Twins 8-6 in a good one. Rangers move on to face the 2 seed California Angels.

#3 Texas Rangers (87-75) vs #2 California Angels (87-75)

Rangers beat up on the Angels 8 games to 2 to advance to the Western Division Gauntlet Championship series versus the Kansas City Royals in what should be a real fun series.

#3 Texas Rangers (87-75) vs #1 Kansas City Royals (92-70)