Out Of The Park 19 Tournament Results 1990 – 1993

1990 Tournament, 1991 Tournament, 1992 Tournament, 1993 Tournament, 1994, 1994 Tournament, Braves, Cardinals, Expos, OOTP, Rangers, Tournament
So far we have held 4 tournaments using Out Of The Park 19 and they have been so fun to play. Can't recommend this game enough as a great way to play baseballs past, present, and future.   We started out tournament replays in the 1990's and as you can see from the winners below just like baseball anybody can beat anybody in a given series. We are now up to 1994 which will be an exciting tourney for sure.   Tournament Results 1990 Tournament Champion - #11 Texas Rangers 1991 Tournament Champion - #9 St. Louis Cardinals 1992 Tournament Champion - #1 Atlanta Braves 1993 Tournament Champion - #6 Montreal Expos 1994 Tournament Champion - ???  
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Out Of The Park 1993 Tournament – Game 5 –  1 Braves vs 16 Dodgers

Out Of The Park 1993 Tournament – Game 5 – 1 Braves vs 16 Dodgers

1993 Tournament, Braves, Dodgers, OOTP
Well I would like to provide screen caps with stats and a brief summary but my newness to this software shown through as I deleted the series. I had a couple of series I was testing with and I was removing the clutter, bad decision.   The Braves did win the game behind Greg Maddux and a big homer by Ron Gant.   The Braves will move on to face the winner of the 9 Rangers and 8 Cardinals in Elite 8 action.   Next series is the #2 seed SanFrancisco Giants and Barry Bonds vs the #15 seed Seattle Mariners and Ken Griffey Jr.
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