Pennant Winners Tournament 83 Phillies vs 82 Cardinals

The Phillies and the Cardinals play a great 5 game series as the Phillies win Game 5 1-0 in 11 innings. Just a great competitive series as all of them have been so far. Ready for more!!

Game 1 Busch Stadium
Cardinals 6, Phillies 1
WP: Joaquin Andujar (1-0)
LP: Steve Carlton (0-1)

Game 2 Busch Stadium
Phillies 4, Cardinals 1
WP: John Denny (1-0)
LP: Bob Forsch (0-1)

Game 3 Veterans Stadium
Phillies 3, Cardinals 2
WP: Charles Hudson (1-0)
LP: Dave LaPoint (0-1)
Save: Al Holland (1)

Game 4 Veterans Stadium
Cardinals 9, Phillies 3
WP: Joaquin Andujar (2-0)
LP: Steve Carlton (0-2)

Game 5 Busch Stadium
Phillies 1, Cardinals 0
WP: Al Holland (1-0)
LP: Doug Bair (0-1)

83 Phillies move on to face the Cardinals again, this time the 85 Cardinals.

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