Welcome to APBA Replay

Welcome, this site is going to be the home base of our APBA Replay project.

We will replay baseball seasons, playoffs, have tournaments, famous game replays, etc. Basically anything goes.

The primary focus will be seasons 1978-1987 (the seasons of my youth) and I will use the master game edition with the physical cards. I roll all games with dice and stat sheets….old school.

I know this is a massive undertaking with tons of games to play, stats to collate, and updates to the site to come. That is what should make this journey great.

The first project that I will roll is the 1978 tournament. I have seeded all teams from 26 down to 1, with the powerhouse Yankees and Red Sox coming in at #1 and #2 respectively.

Now let’s go back to 1978……

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