Game 1 – 1978 Tournament Replay Mariners vs Blue Jays

game 1

The Mariners and the Blue Jays start off this tournament with Game 1 of their best of 5 play in series.

Seattle had a record of 56-104 and Toronto came in with a 59-102 record. Both teams where expansion teams just getting started.

Game 1 feature Seattle starter Paul Mitchell (8-14 4.18 Grade 4) vs. Toronto starter Jesse Jefferson (7-16 4.38 Grade 5)

Believe it or not this was a pitchers duel until the 7th inning when the Mariners cut loose with 5 runs including RBI’s from Doc Roberts and Bruce Bochte. That was more than enough for starter Paul Mitchell as he got a grade advancement and never looked back and threw a 2 hit shoutout. Toronto’s offense will need to get going in this short series.

Final Score: Mariners 6, Blue Jays 0

WP: Paul Mitchell (1-0)

LP: Jesse Jefferson (0-1)

HR’s: None

Game 2 will be Glenn Abbott vs Tom Underwood as the Jays look to even the series.

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