Game 5 – 1978 Tournament Replay Dodgers vs Padres

The Dodgers having climbed their way back into the series send Don Sutton (15-11 3.55 Grade 11) to the mound versus Gaylord Perry (21-6 2.73 Grade 15).

This game is one of the reasons I love replaying baseball and why I just love baseball in particular. Anything can and often will happen. Sutton and Perry do what they do best get outs in bunches as the score is 0-0 heading to the bottom of the 5th. That is when Ozzie Smith stepped to the plate and hits a homer down the right field line. Now Ozzie only hit 1 homer all year in 78. The dice roll had to be 66’s twice in a row for this outcome. Just flat unbelievable!!

That would be the only run that Perry would need as he would go the distance tossing a 2 hit shutout and sending the Dodger home behind 3-2. Padres win 1-0.

WP: Gaylord Perry (2-0)

LP: Don Sutton (0-2)

HR’s: Padres – Ozzie Smith (1)

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