Game 3 – 1978 Tournament Replay Brewers vs Reds

Game 3 as we switch to Riverfront Stadium features starters Lary Sorensen (18-12 3.21 Grade 14) for the Brewers and Bill Bonham (11-5 3.53 Grade 6) for the Reds.

The Reds struck first as Pete Rose doubles in Cesar Geronimo in the 2nd. The score would remain 1-0 with both pitchers in control until the 7th. The Indians would get a run as Buck Martinez delivers the tying hit. The score would remain 1-1 as we go to extras. Bonham was allowed to go out in the 10th and got them 1,2,3. He was rewarded as the Geronimo would double and Joe Morgan would deliver a 2 out game winning hit to win the game. Reds are back in the series down just 2-1.

Final Score: Reds 2, Brewers 1

WP: Bill Bonham (2-0)

LP: Lary Sorensen (0-3)

HR’s: None

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