Game 6 – 1978 Tournament Replay Padres vs Red Sox

Game 6 back in Boston has a pitching matchup of Eric Rasmussen (12-10 4.06 Grade 6) versus Bill Lee (10-10 3.46) for the Red Sox.

Red Sox would jump out early and often in this game. Sox get 3 in the first Jim Rice with a 2 RBI triple and Carl Yastrzemski with an RBI hit. The would get two more runs in the second, again Rice and Yaz with RBI. After 1 run innings in the 3rd and 4th the Red Sox had a 7-0 lead.

The Padres would fight back in the game. They would score a run via error in the 6th and then get 4 big runs in the 7th. Dave Winfield and Gene Tenace with big hits. The Red Sox would bring in Bob Stanley to quiet the Padre bats and pick up another save as we head to Game 7!!

Final Score: Red Sox 7, Padres 5

WP: Bill Lee (3-1)

LP: Mark Lee (0-1)

Save: Bob Stanley (6)

HR’s: None

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