1985 Tournament Results – Dodgers beat Orioles 4-2

Fun series to play. Orioles had power up and down the lineup and hit several homers in the series. The Dodgers pitching in the end was too much as they got just enough hitting and the right time to win games. Especially in Game 6 when the countered the Orioles big innings with bigger innings. The Dodgers will go onto to face the winner of the series between the #4 seed New York Yankees and the #13 seed Houston Astros.

Game 1 – Orioles 8, Dodgers 6

Game 2 – Dodgers 5, Orioles 4

Game 3 – Orioles 3, Dodgers 2

Game 4 – Dodgers 6, Orioles 2

Game 5 – Dodgers 8, Orioles 3

Game 6 – Dodgers 7, Orioles 6

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