Game 5 – 1985 Tournament Replay Expos @ Blue Jays

Game 5 with the Blue Jays up 3-1 has a starting pitching matchup of Jimmy Key (14-6 3.00 Grade 14Z) for the Blue Jays and Bill Laskey (5-16 4.91 Grade 2L).


The Blue Jays once again go big on the first inning. This time plating 5 runs, 3 run opposite field homer by Willie Upshaw and 2 batters later a 2 run homer by Jesse Barfield. After the big inning Expos pitching would settle but Key was in control of the game as we have a score of 5-0 through 6 innings. In the 7th the Blue Jays would add to their lead. Willie Upshaw would draw a walk and Barfield would go deep again to give the Blue Jays a 7-0 lead. The Expos would try to get back into the game but single runs in the 8th and 9th are not enough as Key goes the distance. The Blue Jays move onto to face the Mets in the Final Four in a titanic matchup.


Final Score: Blue Jays 7, Mets 2

WP: Jimmy Key (3-0)

LP: Bill Laskey (0-3)

HR’s: Blue Jays – Willie Upshaw (2), Jesse Barfield 2 (3), Expos – Tim Wallach (2)

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