1985 Tournament Results – Blue Jays beat up Expos in 5

The Blue Jays beat up on their country mates with a 4-1 series win. Blue Jays hitting rock Expos pitching scoring early in most games and putting the pressure on the Expos offense. The Expos fought back with a big win in Game 3 but the Jays rebounded. This sets up a monster matchup between 2 of the best teams in baseball Blue Jays vs Mets. With a Final Four of St. Louis, Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York this is going to be fun.


Game 1: Blue Jays 5, Expos 2

Game 2: Blue Jays 10, Expos 3

Game 3: Expos 6, Blue Jays 5

Game 4: Blue Jays 6, Expos 1

Game 5: Blue Jays 7, Expos 2

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