1985 Tournament Results – Dodgers beat Cardinals in 6

The was a very good series as you would expect from 2 division winners. Visiting team wins the first 4 games as the Cardinals would come back strong to win games 3 and 4. In Game 5 Valenzuela pitches the game of the tournament a 1 hit 13 K performance to be followed by a 1 hitter by Hershiser. Dodgers win games 5 and 6 only allowing only 2 hits. Simply incredible. The Dodgers will face the winner of the Mets and Blue Jays semi-final in what should be an epic final.

Game 1: Dodgers 3, Cardinals 1

Game 2: Dodgers 6, Cardinals 3

Game 3: Cardinals 8, Dodgers 3

Game 4: Cardinals 7, Dodgers 4

Game 5: Dodgers 2, Cardinals 0

Game 6: Dodgers 2, Cardinals 0

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