Pennant Winners Tournament 81 Yankees vs 85 Royals

The Yankees sweep the series from 85 Royals. All 3 games where one run affairs and defensive miscues directly led to 2 Royal loses. The Yankees move on to face the #1 seed 84 Detroit Tigers.

Game 1 Royals Stadium
Yankees 4, Royals 3
WP:Ron Guidry (1-0)
LP: Charlie Leibrandt (0-1)
Save: Goose Gossage (1)

Game 2 Royals Stadium
Yankees 3, Royals 2
WP: Ron Davis (1-0)
LP: Dan Quisenberry (0-1)
Save: Goose Gossage (3)

Game 3 Yankee Stadium
Yankees 1, Royals 0
WP: Rick Reuschel (1-0)
LP: Danny Jackson (0-1)

Series MVP: Goose Gossage 2 two inning saves in Games 1 & 2 to give the Yankees the advantage heading to NY.

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