Pennant Winners Tournament 86 Red Sox vs 78 Yankees

The 78 Yankees sweep out the 86 Red Sox in the much anticipated series. Boston could not get any offense going as they only total 9 hits in the 3 games. The Yankees get good pitching throughout and clutch hitting to move on. The Yankees will face either the 79 Orioles or the 82 Brewers in the Final Four.

Game 1 Yankee Stadium
Yankees 3, Red Sox 1
WP: Ron Guidry (1-0)
LP: Roger Clemens (0-1)

Game 2 Yankee Stadium
Yankees 3, Red Sox 0
WP: Ed Figueroa (1-0)
LP: Bruce Hurst (0-1)

Game 3 Fenway Park
Yankees 6, Red Sox 2
WP: Catfish Hunter (1-0)
LP: Oil Can Boyd (0-1)

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